grazia & co care and maintenance

the pieces we design, collaborate on, represent and manufacture are …

the pieces we design, collaborate on, represent and manufacture are all individually made. many of the pieces are primarily made by hand and the raw materials are of the highest quality available. we carefully select materials based on their characteristics, sustainability, aesthetics, quality and suitability for use. we make and design our furniture to last and as such we consider them to be an investment piece.

to ensure the longevity of your piece we encourage you to follow simple care and maintenance instructions.


upholstery fabrics



all spills must be actioned right away- blotting the area immediately with a clean, dry absorbent cloth. never bleach, tumble dry, machine wash or iron. have velvet upholstery professionally cleaned according to the velvet suppliers’ recommendations. to remove dust, vacuum regularly using low suction and soft brush attachment or using a soft lint brush.



protect from direct sunlight, heat and weather. dust with a clean dry cloth or use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. remove all liquid and food spills immediately. wipe with a clean cloth dampened with proprietary brand leather cleaner suitable for a surface finish leather in accordance to the leather suppliers instructions. do not use shoe, saddle, or floor polishes or laundry cleaning products.


cotton & polyester

protect from direct sunlight. vacuum regularly using low suction and soft brush attachment. professionally clean in accordance to the fabric suppliers’ instructions. treat spills and stains as soon as possible with a clean damp cloth. dry in the shade, allow to dry thoroughly before use.



store away from direct sunlight and high heat sources, such as blow dryers and radiators. never rub or brush sheepskin when it’s wet. to clean up small spills on your sheepskin upholstery, wipe with a damp cloth, and gently pluck any debris from the suede with tweezers. never us hot water. this causes permanent damage by stripping the natural oil, (lanolin) from the pelt making it very hard and rough. for profession cleaning, select a cleaner that specialises in leather/suede/fur.


canvas & vinyl

the standard range of exterior fabrics recommended by grazia & co are selected for their suitability to exterior use. maintaining and care of the upholstery should be done by regular vacuuming to remove dust and dirt. we do not recommend removing the cushion covers. machine washing can cause the covers to shrink. spot cleaning should be done immediately after a spill. the rope on our sun loungers can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. a soft bristle brush can be used for stubborn marks. always air dry and do not store away wet/damp cushions at any time- they are mildew resistant not mildew proof. while the cushions are made, and are suitable for outdoor use, we recommend you store indoors during the wintertime. alternatively, we recommend investing in our marine grade custom vinyl covers which will further protect your pieces from harsh climate conditions. suntan lotions and sprays such as insect repellents may discolour the fabric. acid based liquids such as coffee, wine and fruit juice need to be wiped off immediately. the longer a stain or spill remains on the fabric the more difficult it can be to remove. do not use abrasive alcohol based or solvent based cleaners. first spot clean with mild soap and water. using a sponge or very soft bristle brush to remove the stains, rinse with clean water.

please refer to individual suppliers for information on care and maintenance of fabrics that have been specified by a designer, as these will be outside the standard grazia&co range. most interior upholstery fabric should be regularly vacuumed and kept away from direct sunlight. see specific types of standard fabrics by grazia&co.


hard finishes


powder coated

items wash as required with warm soapy water using a soft clean cloth. for marine or commercial environments, we recommend regular cleaning. do not pressure wash or steam items that are powder coated. if powder coating chips due to a knock and / or rough treatment this is not covered by warranty. touch up paint can be purchased on request (depending on availability). scratches and chips should be repaired as soon as they appear.


recycled plastics – decka range

our uv stabilised recycled plastic material is applicable for use on long-term products. over a period of time some light-coloured surface deterioration will develop depending on the severity of the environment. it must be noted that darker colours will provide the highest contrast ratio with the lighter colours the least. to clean your recycled plastic furniture pieces, we recommend: solvit citrus cleaner.

  • solvit is a heavy-duty specialty cleaner
  • solvit contains high concentration of citrus oil
  • solvit is ideal for tar, ink, blood, wax, and chewing gum.


compact laminate

compact laminate is scratch resistant but not scratch proof. compact laminate products are easy to clean, solvent resistant and water resistant. dust with a soft cloth. clean stubborn marks with warm water and household detergent or window cleaner is also a good option. never use wool metallic scourers as these will scratch the compact laminate surface.


glass, perspex, resin and ceramic

these hard flat surface materials should be cleaned and or dusted with a soft cloth. for more stubborn marks, use a non-abrasive mild soap and damp cloth. never use wool metallic scourers as these will scratch the surface. chipping and scratching are considered wear and tear of the product are not warranted.


marble, granite and tile

surfaces grazia & co use various marbles, granites, bluestone and tiles. these stones are a natural product so the colour and veins can vary. these hard surfaces can be cleaned with warm soapy water. leaving food residue or liquid on the stone for an extended period can penetrate the stone and cause permanent staining. staining and chipping of the stone is not covered under the warranty and is considered general wear and tear.


solid timber and veneer

grazia&co timber furniture is finished with a clear satin lacquer inclusive of an ultraviolet light protector. this may reduce the harsh effects of direct sunlight although cannot eliminate fading and discolouration completely. therefore, we do not recommend furniture be left in direct sunlight for long periods of time. avoid placing hot crockery on furniture surfaces which in turn may burn, discolour or lift binding agents. coasters, clothes and mats can be placed between the surface and the hot object. do not position furniture over or next to heating or electrical appliances. please ensure furniture is not exposed to excessive quantities of liquids or moisture which may absorb into the timber. this may result in movements of the timber, change in form, cracking or mould. if your furniture is being used as a writing surface, grazia&co recommends blotters or pads to prevent ball point pens leaving imprints in the timber top. objects resting against or on top of furniture should have some form of padding between the timber and the object. avoid bare metal or sharp pointed edges. a small amount of natural movement of the timber is expected as it adapts to the conditions of your home, due to variations in humidity and temperature.


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