October 14, 2016

The 'Lunar mirror' collection by Doherty design studio

the lunar mirror series brings together doherty design studio’s affinity with sculptural forms and passion for harnessing light in dramatic and unexpected ways.

bold yet simple, the playful forms of lunar are designed as purposeful artistic elements that act as sculptural statements as well as reflect natural light, add depth and luminosity to visually expand a space.

the name lunar loosely takes its inspiration from light and shadow and the changing phases of the moon.

mardi doherty, doherty design studio

doherty design studio is a melbourne-based interior design practice directed by mardi doherty. mardi has over 20 years design experience and leads a team that has developed a hallmark style that’s all about exquisitely tailored interiors, creative use of materials and bespoke detailing.

The studio works across many design disciplines and enjoys a collaborative process. it is best known for its artistic approach to design and highly personalised interiors that promote individuality and reflect the client’s personality or brand.