July 27, 2016

The #featherston2016 range available from Grazia&Co

Grazia&co are honoured to be working with Mary Featherston and Gordon Mather industries, to launch Featherston 2016.

Featherston 2016 is a collection of Grant Featherston’s work, comprising of both classic pieces that are instantly recognisable, along with designs that have lain dormant for years.

working with grant’s life and professional partner, Mary Featherston, we have carefully selected pieces that will appeal to a whole new generation, while maintaining the quality and integrity that you would expect from such a renowned brand.

to acknowledge their place as some of the most significant furniture works in Australian design history and to protect their originality, Featherston‚Äôs designs have been registered with IP Australia, with Mary Featherston‚Äôs blessing. 

view the featherston range.

gordon mather industries (gmi)

gmi will be manufacturing this new collecting in melbourne, adhering to the original techniques established by grant featherston many years ago. gmi have been producing a select range of featherston pieces under license since 1989.