July 28, 2016

Green Magazine: Introducing the Featherston 2016 collection

Last night a who’s who of top australian design professionals were treated to the first glimpse of the stunning new featherston 2016 collection that has been revised and relaunched for savvy 21st century collectors and discerning consumers.

Legends of Australian design drawing from art, architecture, fashion, furniture, publishing and retail, were welcomed by Roger Wood, esteemed architect of ACCA.

Grant Featherston’s life and professional partner, Mary Featherston, officially opened the Featherston 2016 collection at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) in Melbourne.

Maintaining Featherston’s vision while making it accessible to a new era of consumer has been the responsibility of Gordon Mather, Australia’s only licensed Feathertson manufacturer since the 1980’s, and Grazia Materia, founder of design house Grazia&co, who will distribute and sell the collection.

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