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Our collaborative collections are a celebration of authentic Australian design and we’ve welcomed the opportunity to work alongside such accomplished architects and designers.

All designs support local manufacturing and we are proud to showcase this talent to both local and international markets.

the 'anchor' tables are designed by the talented melbourne architect and ceramicist, bruce rowe of anchor as part of our collaborative collection.

Founded and led by directors Bruce Rowe and Claire Hatch, Anchor is an interdisciplinary creative practice working across surface, structure and form. The studio team work to build bridges between art, design, architecture and craft. Anchor’s collection of refined handmade lighting, hardware and furniture products purposefully show the tactile essence of the clay bodies and glazes developed and utilised in the studio. These methods combine conventional ceramic techniques, digital technologies and unconventional contemporary tools and approaches. The considered surfaces and forms evidence the integration of the enquiry, design and making process.

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anchor | more on the anchor table range 

the 'como' mirror is designed by the talented beatrix rowe and is part of our collaborative collection.

beatrix rowe is a melbourne-based interior designer. her firm, beatrix rowe, works on a portfolio of interior spaces from larger residential projects, hospitality and retail, through to bespoke commissions that include pop-up events and single-room transformations. on every project, she applies a specific rigor and attention to detail to the spaces she creates, focusing on the people who will use and enjoy them so her studio favours a calm, contemporary aesthetic; in tune with the built and natural environment. beatrix brings to each project an encyclopaedic knowledge of materials, contemporary furniture and interior possibilities; as well as her space planning, construction knowledge and design thinking expertise. the product design arm of the studio is a natural extension of the studio's work and values.

beatrix rowe

beatrix rowe  | more on the como mirror

the ‘studio’ chest of drawers and 'studio' side table are designed by the talented melbourne designer, Christopher Elliott of Christopher Elliott design and part of our collaborative collection.

Christopher Elliott is the Principal Designer of his eponymous design studio, established in 2005. A bespoke practice that specialises in creating meticulously detailed interiors, honouring authentic materials that respond to the architecture and surrounding landscape. Christopher understands his craft and insists that beautiful design needs purpose. So, behind the bold colours and clever use of light or interesting textures there is always intent. Meticulous and detail-obsessed, Christopher is a true perfectionist.

Christopher Elliott

christopher elliott | more on the studio range

the ‘ivy’ coffee tables are designed by the talented melbourne architect, clare cousins of clare cousins architects and part of our collaborative collection.

architect clare cousins established her melbourne practice, clare cousins architects, in 2005 and has since forged a practice recognised for design excellence in residential, cultural, interior and furniture design.  engaged in projects large and small, the studio’s work celebrates the experience of space and life within it. clare’s collaboration with grazia and co explores simple forms which bring delight to everyday living with a focus on quality, longevity, and materiality. | more on the ivy coffee table

the 'lunar' mirror range is designed by the talented melbourne designer, mardi doherty of doherty design studio as part of our collaborative collection.

doherty design studio is a melbourne-based interior design practice directed by mardi doherty. mardi has over 20 years design experience and leads a team that has developed a hallmark style that’s all about exquisitely tailored interiors, creative use of materials and bespoke detailing. the studio works across many design disciplines and enjoys a collaborative process. it is best known for its artistic approach to design and highly personalised interiors that promote individuality and reflect the client’s personality or brand. | more on the lunar mirrors

the 'bendy' wall hook is designed by the talented melbourne architect, donald holt of hola projects as part of our collaborative collection.

hola projects is a multi-disciplinary design practice headed in partnership by the award-winning designer, donald holt. the practice has encompassed multi-million dollar, award winning projects to small design intensive developments: where ever strong design and innovation is sought. | more on the bendy wall hooks

the 'soufflé' modular sofa is designed by adèle winteridge of foolscap studio and is the most recent addition to our collaboratives collection. 

led by Adèle Winteridge, Foolscap Studio is an award-winning interior architecture and design practice focused on creating designing spaces that meaningfully contribute to the cultural fabric of a city. with a body of work that spans hospitality, workplace, cultural, multi-residential, retail, and furniture projects that share the same philosophy, foolscap studio creates experiences that respond to evolving ways of living, flexible working and socialising.

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foolscap studio | more on the soufflé modular sofa

the 'prince' range and 'etta' ottoman are designed by the talented melbourne architect, iva foschia of if architecture. 

if architecture’s belief in a multi-disciplinary approach is central to our culture and philosophy. blending architectural expertise with interior design sensibilities produces considered, holistic solutions for our clients. our studio is devoted to the practice of architecture and interior design as a collaborative enterprise, this enables us to design unique environments that deliver character, functionality and investment value to commercial and residential spaces. we achieve a genuine exchange of ideas between the two disciplines; interiors and exteriors unite to deliver exceptional solutions, whilst drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of art, history, textures, local contexts and client narratives.

iva foschia | more on the prince table,  prince side tables and etta ottoman 

the 'traffic' wall lights along with the stamp series are designed by the talented melbourne designer, miriam fanning of mim design as part of our collaborative collection. 

mim design is an award-winning melbourne-based practice known for its creativity, high-end finishes and attention to detail. the studio prides itself on its ability to produce unique design results that are not only beautiful, but enhance liveability. | more on the traffic light,  more on the stamp side table, stamp console and stamp dining table

the 'techne' shelving range is designed by the talented melbourne architects, techne as part of our collaborative collection.

established in 2002, technē architecture and interior design creates bespoke spaces that enrich the human experience. producing architecture and interior design across residential, commercial, hospitality and retail projects, technē’s work is characterized by a thoughtful design approach. informed by elements of art, engineering, environment and sustainability to form empathetic and cohesive spaces, the practice strives to achieve a rare duality between creative form and commercial viability. lead by nicholas travers, justin northrop and steve mckeag, technē’s layered and textured designs have contributed to australia’s modern design aesthetic, elevating its architectural expression onto the international design stage. 

techne | more on the techne medium shelving unit and tall shelving unit 

the 'aerial' table and aerial desk are designed by wood marsh architecture and is the most recent addition to our collaboratives.

roger wood and randal marsh have been in private practice since 1983, and their early philosophical and aesthetic ideals have been sustained to inform their architecture throughout the ensuing decades. contextual issues of locality and region underpin their diverse body of work, which spans residential, commercial and urban architecture.

the practice is renowned for its clarity of vision and its versatility, with art galleries, wineries and private homes as deftly executed as the extensive urban infrastructure the firm has created in and around melbourne, where it is based.

in each project, wood marsh’s founding principles are evident: the sculptural quality of the external forms, the play of solidity and transparency, and the materiality of the limited palettes. each reminds us that contemporary architecture can have permanence, and that practical design can be unique and beautiful. unmoved by the ebb and flow of design trends, roger wood and randal marsh cite the arts, generally, rather than architecture specifically, as being of a greater influence on their practice and are proud that their work has been acquired by the national gallery of victoria, the national gallery of australia, rmit university and private collectors.

the firm has also been recognised nationally and internationally as the recipient of more than 50 architecture industry awards including the victorian architecture medal twice.

wood marsh architecture

wood marsh architecture | more on the aerial table and desk